Biology & Bobby Pins

I love my job. 

By day, I convince college students that Biology is relevant to their daily lives. And I do my best to be my best for them every day. My first year at Ole Miss was a whirlwind. Building my curriculum, making their homework assignments, and designing fair exams was as draining as it was rewarding. My husband, William, is a graduate student at Ole Miss, which means he will more often than not be preoccupied with schoolwork morning, noon, and night. 

With time on my hands, I found myself needing a creative outlet. Sweet Olive Hairpieces was born! ....And it surprised me more than anyone. 

I was home in New Orleans making a headband for my mother. She inspects it, smiles, and says, "Eden, I never knew you were creative." And neither did I! I continued making bridal hairpieces purely out of creative interest. That is, until I started singing a different tune. Why was I designing hairpieces only for brides and special events? Why couldn't a hair vine or comb be an every day accessory?

Keep an eye out for my next post, where I'll talk about the paradigm shift to hairpieces as a minimal effort addition to your everyday hair!