Bridal Hair Accessories

Welcome, Brides-to-be! 

As you're getting ready for your wedding, you're also learning (probably for the first time!) about everything that goes into planning the most special day of your life so far. 

Before I continue - take a deep breath - YOU and your day will be so beautiful. Make sure you're taking time to have fun throughout this crazy, hectic, stressful process!

While you're dreaming about centerpieces and invitations and flowers and shoes, don't forget about what's going to be in most of your wedding photos -- YOU. Not your feet, not your tables -- you. Your glowing face. Your dang gorgeous head.

It probably doesn't need to be said, but let me emphasize this for you - you should look gooood. Give yourself some love on your wedding day by prioritizing a few essentials:

1) A committed and professional wedding photographer;
2) an amazing makeup artist
3) an experienced bridal hair stylist; and
4) a bridal headpiece that will compliment your bridal hair style!

Be ready for these pictures at all angles, ladies. They will be on your walls and albums for the rest of your life! ⁠ 

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Wishing you love, fun, and pretty hair
Eden Johnson Miller