Welcome to The Confidence Campaign x Sweet Olive Hairpieces

We’re a
beauty brand empowering women to live a happy and confident lifestyle.

- Eden Johnson Miller


We make our products with compassionate care and thoughtful design.

Our philosophy

When women feel confident, we are our best, most empowered selves. We believe in the power, inner and outer beauty, and limitless potential of all women.

What is the Confidence Campaign?

The Confidence Campaign x SOH is our commitment to giving back to the female community. For every hair vine sold, Sweet Olive will donate/gift a headband vine to a woman battling cancer or recently in remission. Other orders contribute too. For every four pin orders, we donate one headband vine (valued at $70).

The headband vines are perfect for people with short hair, thinning hair, or no hair at all. Instead of pinning into the hair like our normal hair vines, the headband vines have ribbon on the ends to secure the vines onto their head.

This is so important. The mission for Sweet Olive has always been CONFIDENCE. Making these women feel pretty and prioritized and SEEN fits beautifully with our goal to inspire confidence in women.

These women shouldn't have to choose between being healthy and feeling like themselves. That's where we come in.

"3 months ago I had no hair, no eyebrows, no eyelashes, and today I feel like a queen with this special gift! It filled my heart!"

- Linda Mota

Why shop Sweet Olive?


Portions of every sale go towards the Confidence Campaign x SOH.

Made to last

Our handmade designs are crafted with quality, vetted materials.

100% Real

This female-owned shop makes room for the REAL - not just the highlight reel.